Friday, 23 November 2012

What a term!

There has been very little time to be involved in anything 'extra-curricular' since the beginning of term. It has zoomed by and I'm only now just able to start checking Twitter and the blogs I follow again. To get me back into the swing of writing for my blog I thought I'd start with an overview of what's kept me occupied for the last couple of months!
  • Staffing the Enquiry Desk and other Centres and helping lots of new students with basic queries such as printing and using self-issue.
  • Working out how to solve the problem of matching up returning student records on our LMS now that the College has introduced a new ID system.
  • Delivering introductory inductions to groups of new students.
  • Training new member of the Front of House team.
  • Preparing and delivering in-depth information skills inductions in lessons.
  • Training and observing colleague to deliver referencing inductions.
  • Preparing and delivering training to teaching staff on how to use and utilise Moodle.
  • Managing collections requests and acquisitions.
  • Troubleshooting issues as part of the Moodle Support team.
  • Promotion to position of Information Advisor (Resources and Content).
  • Showing round interview candidates for new post.
  • Training and mentoring new member of the senior team.
  • Involvement in 'Study skills afternoon' for Access to Science students delivering referencing refresher and introducing guest speaker from Examstutor.
  • Attending senior team meetings.
  • Housekeeping tasks for our LMS.
I hope as the term starts to calm down that I'll be able to get involved again in some development opportunities. It has been mooted that I'm to sit on a new cross-College committee starting next week so looking forward to that.

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