Thursday, 5 April 2012


Over the four days that I'm in work over Easter I have two main projects on the go. One is designing the College's Moodle page promoting the Olympics and the other is to design a Xerte on basic invigilator training for the Exams department. I'm also collaborating with a colleague to design our new staff-facing page on the College's intranet.  It has made me think how much of my role involves designing. I design:
  • the LRC's pages in Moodle
  • LRC promotional slides for the image 'carousel' on the front page of Moodle
  • various posters promoting LRC events or resources linked to College/national events
As well as these the team design leaflets and signs. Should libraries have a designer? We sometimes use the College's Marketing department, for example, we asked them to put together and print a flyer for our most recent visit from author Bali Rai, however, there is a great deal of in-house designing still taking place. At this point I'm going to say that my feelings would be no, but that's because I really enjoy the design work that I do! But it did get me thinking ... ...!