Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Oodles of Moodle

Image from http://moodle.org/
This summer my main project has been creating the LRC's pages on our new Moodle 2 Student Portal.
Our previous web page had been created using Microsoft SharePoint so now, not only do I have the challenge of transferring content into a different topic structure, I also have the design limitations of Moodle to contend with.  For example, Moodle is designed as a student VLE and one of its primary features is to provide a course area with a list of topics or weeks.  Once you begin populating each topic or week you inevitably end up with a long, scrolling page.  My challenge here as been to organise our content so that scrolling is kept to a minimum, if needed at all.  I have been able to achieve this by creating buttons and inserting sub-pages.  The only areas which contain significant scrolling are our page advertising the different centres (which is a list) and our page listing the LRC eResources - for this I am going to investigate using bookmark links at the top of the page.

I am really enjoying this project as I have been 'let loose' in terms of creating the style of our pages.  Furthermore I am building up a bank of knowledge in terms of how best to display and organise content within Moodle.  The LRC has just taken over administration of Moodle so we shall be able to offer tutors a complete package of guidance from admin to creating content and offering advice on design and layout.

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